Therapiemodell Deutschland – Online Vorträge Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany / Yvonne Seebens

This is a live recording (not yet edited) of presentations on the Development and Organisation of Rehabilitation in Germany held on March 19, 2021 by Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany and Yvonne Seebens

upon invitation as sole European Lecturers at the international scientific and practical online seminar “Cochlear Implantation in Kazakhstan,” dedicated to the International Day of Cochlear Implantation

organized by the Republican State Enterprise “The Scientific and Practical Center for Social Rehabilitation Development” of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the RK together with “Aksai” University Clinic of KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov.

The postproduction and translations will follow in due time.

Präsentation Dr.Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany (russisch)

Präsentation Yvonne Seebens (deutsch/russisch)

Embedded RECORDING – 2021-03-19 – Kasachstan CI-Conference

Summary of the year 2018

Life and work have kept us exceptionally busy – so busy that it was only this year that we realized we have been breaking with this tradition for far too long. Here it comes, then, – our review of the previous year. We have lot to share, a lot to be thankful for and, unfortunately, a few losses to grieve. The cumulative number of protegees of the Lehnhardt Foundation reached 160 this year. Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Germany and Italy were only some of the countries we visited for personal and work travel. We hope that in the process of doing so we have been able to lay the groundwork of changes for the better that are needed by deaf people in certain countries – and globally.

Welcome to our summary of the year 2018!

Yours truly,

Dr. Dr. h. c. Monika Lehnhardt

Обзор 2013 года

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Happy New Year

Моника и Михаэль
Взгляд на 2013-й год

Обзор 2013-го на английском языке
Обзор 2013-го на немецком языке

Наш традиционный обзор года выходит в этот раз с небольшим опозданием – причину тому вы найдете в конце этого письма. 

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Presentation “Time for Paradigm Change in Clinical Care”

The presentation “Time for Paradigm Change in Clinical Care” was given by me in the ESPCI Conference in Istanbul in May 2013, in the EFAS Conference in Budapest in June 2013 and in the PORA Live Online seminar for Russian-speaking professionals and Russian speaking parents on June 9th 2013.

Click here to see the slides in English, click here to see the slides in Russian, click on this link to find the full text in English, and use this link to find the full text in Russian.

Rückblick auf 2012 …

Slunicko am Valentinstag 2012 20121231-roter Saon  english/russisch


Monika & Michael
Dezember 2012

Das Jahr 2012 hat es gut mit uns gemeint. Der Sieg, den ich in meinem Kampf gegen die tückische Krankheit im Jahr 2011 errungen habe, ist nachhaltig. Dieser glückliche Umstand gab uns den Freiraum ohne Einschränkungen zu planen – beruflich und privat – und unsere Ideen und Vorstellungen weitgehend umzusetzen.

Der fulminante Auftakt war das für uns nun schon zur Tradition gewordene Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker im berühmten Musikvereinssaal in Wien.

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