Presentation “Time for Paradigm Change in Clinical Care”

The presentation “Time for Paradigm Change in Clinical Care” was given by me in the ESPCI Conference in Istanbul in May 2013, in the EFAS Conference in Budapest in June 2013 and in the PORA Live Online seminar for Russian-speaking professionals and Russian speaking parents on June 9th 2013.

Click here to see the slides in English, click here to see the slides in Russian, click on this link to find the full text in English, and use this link to find the full text in Russian.

Presentation: Hearing Screening on the Path through Life

During the annual conference of the Erebouni University I had the opportunity to have a lecture on

“Hearing Screening on the Path through Life”

This topic is of high interest in Armenia as there are joint efforts of the ENT department of the Erebouni University (Prof. Arthur Shukuryan) together with the Ministry of Health to introduce neonatal hearing screening and hearing screening at pre-school age in the country in the very near future. New hand-held devices, designed for facilitating the assessment of hearing impairment in infants and children were presented.

Children with Cochlear Implants on their Way to Inclusion – Kyiv Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, October 7 2011

On October 7, 2011, Lehnhardt-Academy and the Kyiv Postgraduate Pedagogical Education Institute held a first shared prototype seminar on inclusive education and pedagogical rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants (more information here) entitled “Social Media for Inclusion”.

The keynote presentation was delivered by Dr. Monika Lehnhardt, Director of the Lehnhardt-Academy, Chairwoman of the the Ernst-Lehnhardt-Foundation, under the title ‘Children with Cochlear Implants on their Way to Inclusion‘.

Please feel free to download the presentation using this link: presentation file We are looking forward to your comments!

Enhanced Patient Care-Exploiting the Social Web Environments, EFAS Conference Warsaw

I had the pleasure to be invited for a presentation today. Here you can download it:

2011-06-23 M.Lehnhardt-Enhanced patients care-Exploiting the Social Web Environments-EFAS Warsaw

Listen to the synchronized audio recording here

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