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Upgrade, for sure, but when?

Rachel Chaikof published a very interesting article about the release of new speech processors of all Cochlear Implant manufacturers in the very near future in her weblog “Cochlear Implant Online” and discusses arguments why to wait or not to wait. … Continue reading

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Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening: Obligatory, Voluntary, or Not Really Necessary – article published

Dear friends, The second update I would like to share with you today is connected with the publication of another article, namely, the one on neonatal hearing screening. This has been the subject matter of widespread scientific debates and discussions … Continue reading

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Rehabilitation: pre- and post-Cochlear implant era article published

Dear friends, I would like to bring to your attention my article on rehabilitation, which I presented in Yerevan in November 2010. You are welcome to download the articles in English and in Russian by using the links below (they … Continue reading

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